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Title: New Horizons 2/3
Author: [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666
Pairing/Characters: Spencer/Tom (brief, mostly offscreen), Gerard/Lindsey, allusions to Brendon/Ryan, Bob & Patrick
Rating: PG13
Word count: ~2300
Disclaimer: See Community Introduction Post
Warnings/Enticements References to bdsm play (off screen)
Summary: He wants something new; something different. In short, Spencer is Bored, with a capital B. He runs his hands through his hair in exasperation. Being back after college is killing him. This falls at the very beginning of the verse and details how Spencer comes to work at Unmarked Place. The three parts are written and the remaining two will be posted Saturday and Sunday.

Author notes: Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dreamersdare for an excellent beta, and to my erstwhile co-author/cheer leader [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair as always.

Ryan is true to his word and flies out with Spencer for the job interview. They’ve been booked into a downtown hotel. Ryan is determined to help Spencer get ready for the interview and tries to make Spencer wear some weird-ass outfit, telling Spencer that pink is totally his colour.

Spencer is having none of it. He’s treating this as a normal interview. The fact that it’s for a Family club makes no difference to that. Ryan pouts and sulks when Spencer tells him firmly that he’s vetoing the pink leather trousers and unbuttoned waistcoat. No matter what the job is he still needs to give a good impression.

Sometimes, he despairs of Ryan's sense of humour. He’s only trying to help Spencer relax in his own annoying way, but it really isn’t working. Not this time. Thankfully the sulking doesn’t last too long and soon Ryan is helping Spencer to put together an outfit he can actually carry off.

Spencer glances at himself in the hotel room mirror and smoothes down his hair. He looks ...good, even though he does say so himself. He’s wearing a charcoal suit combined with a white shirt and the tie that brings out the colours of his eyes. It’s silk and in varying shades of blue that appear to change colour in the light. It matches the blue cufflinks that Ryan also insisted he wear.

His bag is packed to take with him. Spencer’s not sure whether they’ll want him to change for the demonstration, but he hopes so. He doesn’t particularly want to demonstrate in the suit, but if he has to he will. He has however packed jeans and a t-shirt just in case, together with his favorite flogger and crop. Bob had advised him that they have fully stocked toy and punishment cupboards if Spencer wants to use anything from them, but Spencer feels better for having his own tools. He’ll check out the whips, if they want him to go that far and see what they’re like.

He leaves Ryan at the hotel and takes a cab to the club. Bob and Patrick give him a tour, explaining their plans and what they expect from a Manager. They tell him they've narrowed the final list down to three people, who are all here this week. After the interview and demonstration, Spencer will meet with Gerard, Lindsey and the club reps.

Spencer's surprised at how open they are about what they're going to be putting him through. The interview process seems a lot more detailed than he’d initially expected when he saw the job ad, but he’d realised after Bob’s email that they weren’t taking this lightly. He knows though that it’s all about finding the right person for the position. A venture like this will fail or succeed on the basis of the people involved, and this is a new Chapter as well as a new club.

During the interview they discuss how he sees the club going forward, what he thinks he could bring to it and any ideas he might have. He suggests workshops; both two hour one-offs and also weekend sessions.

Spencer explains his reasoning behind this. It's all well and good to have demonstrations within the club but they aren’t particularly helpful for people who want to try something out but don’t have either a partner or a mentor to turn to. He thinks that workshops are the best way forward. It would mean that people could learn in a safe and relaxed environment, and not only would it raise the profile of the club but it would also bring in money. Spencer thinks that as long as they have the right people demonstrating it would be a success. He also suggests they look into having an evening once a month for an alternative market in the club. As long as they have decent quality goods, preferably handmade, he thinks it would work and again it raises the profile of the club.

The interview goes on for some while and Spencer feels very comfortable sitting with the other two men. He thinks he could be friends with them as well as work colleagues and that's important. Eventually, he and Patrick get onto the subject of music and what they'd like to see from the club DJ. Bob listens tolerantly for a while and then sighs loudly, as though he's much put upon.

“I think it’s time to stop talking about music. If we don’t, Patrick will be here all day,” Bob interrupts them. “And after all we do need to see Spencer’s demonstration. We’re not interviewing for a DJ right now!”

Patrick glares at him, but doesn’t argue. He gives Spencer a sheepish look as though he knows that Bob’s comment is one hundred percent true. Spencer flushes a little. He hadn’t meant to get off track quite like that, but he enjoys talking about music and doesn’t really get the chance with anybody other than Brendon.

“He’s right,” Patrick tells him, standing up. “The others will be wondering where we are as well.” He stands and Spencer follows suit, picking up his bag.

He follows them through the club to the demonstration rooms. They show him both the Family and the non-Family rooms, finally stopping at one of the public rooms. Spencer is particularly impressed at how well designed they are. There is plenty of room for the participants, together with both upper level seating and standing around the sides. The visibility is good from all angles and the lighting can be adjusted to how he wants.

Spencer introduces himself to Tom, the Sub Representative who's waiting for him. He pays no attention to the others sitting and watching. They’re not important right now; the only person that Spencer needs to concentrate on is Tom. Well, he needs to ensure the demonstration is entertaining to watch of course, but Spencer's done this many times before and he's not bothered by that. He knows he's good at his job.

Spencer removes his jacket and tie and puts them to one side. He takes off his cufflinks, rolls up his shirt sleeves to his elbows and undoes the top two buttons of his shirt. He's going to sweat but he doesn't care, he’s already beginning to slip into the right headspace, focussing on Tom and what he intends to do with him.

Patrick shows him the side table where they've laid out a number of whips for him to choose from. Spencer calls Tom over to go through the whips with him, ensuring Tom is comfortable with the one he picks. This is a demonstration, not discipline. Were it discipline Tom would have no choice as to what Spencer used, but this is a display they’re doing together and it’s not down to Spencer alone to ensure they put on the best performance they can

The selection is lovely and Spencer trails his fingers over the whips, picking them up and testing them for weight and reach. He finally settles on a red and black snake whip. Tom nods in approval and Spencer walks him back to the middle of the room, hand on his back. Tom kneels and waits. Patrick brings some ropes over to Spencer and watches whilst he tests them carefully to ensure they're strong, not frayed in any place and that they aren't rough enough to cut Tom's skin. This is a demonstration after all and Tom isn't his own sub.

There's a moment of embarrassment when he starts emptying his bag and a bright pink leather harness falls out. Ryan ! Spencer would kill him if he was there. Spencer turns bright red and starts to apologise, but Patrick just laughs and tells him not to worry about it. It's the sort of thing Bob would do to him. He slaps Spencer on the back and goes to sit by Bob. Spencer takes a couple of deep breaths, going over again in his mind what he's about to do and then he turns around back to Tom.


By the time the demonstration is over, Spencer is wet through with sweat and aching, but he feels pleased, both with the way he's demonstrated his skills and the way that Tom has reacted. Tom's a superb sub and Spencer envies any top who takes Tom as their own. Tom had been right there with Spencer the whole way through, almost as though they were dancing in harmony. He carefully unties Tom and helps him down. He takes him over to a seat and brings him water. Tom is shaky and Spencer holds the water to his lips, watching as Tom gratefully swallows. He stays with Tom, rubbing his hand over his shoulders and neck, waiting until Tom settles. Only then does Spencer stand and pull himself to his full height, flexing his sore muscles. He needs a long hot shower and a massage. He figures Ryan owes him one for the trick he pulled earlier.

It's Bob who leads him out of the club. Patrick remains behind with the others in the room, no doubt discussing his demonstration. Bob calls him a cab and tells him they'll see him again tomorrow. Spencer slides into the back seat and settles in. He thinks he did well, but he’s certainly not going to start analysing the whole interview just yet. He knows full well that Ryan will want to do that with him when he arrives back at the hotel.

There’s an unsettling prickle under his skin that tells him he’s still annoyed at Ryan for the pink harness. Spencer doesn’t get it; he doesn’t really understand why Ryan would do something like that. But then, even though he probably knows Ryan better than anybody alive, even Brendon, there are still some things about him that Spencer just doesn’t understand and probably never will.

Spencer actually wonders how the hell Brendon puts up with Ryan and to see them together is always entertaining. When Brendon first came onto the scene, when Ryan first introduced Spencer to him Spencer had been instantly suspicious. Brendon just seemed too... bouncy, happy, and smiley. Brendon was a complete opposite to the sort of sub that Ryan normally went for. It had explained a lot when Spencer found out that Brendon wasn’t a sub, but a switch like Ryan, albeit a subby switch. Except for his mouth of course. There was nothing submissive about that! In addition, as far as Spencer could tell, most of the partners that Ryan had played with up until that point just didn’t seem to get him. One or two had come close but they also hadn’t been happy to take on somebody like Ryan. Spencer had once heard one of Ryan’s partners describing him as a handful . He’d been so pissed off at the time that he had confronted the woman about her words. She’d shrugged and refused to apologise, telling Spencer that she hadn’t meant it as an insult, she was simply telling the truth. She’d thought he’d been fun to play with but she wouldn’t want to take it any further. Wouldn't want to have to deal with him on a full time basis.

And that had been the way of things until Brendon came into their lives. Brendon, who had helped Ryan relax and made him smile. Spencer supposed he should have been jealous. The only person up until that point who Ryan had given his smiles unreservedly to had been Spencer. Even with Spencer’s family, who Ryan had lived with since he was a boy, his smiles had nearly always been measured.

At first Spencer hadn’t known whether or not Brendon was genuine about Ryan and wouldn’t hurt him, at least not intentionally. Ryan had been hurt too much already in his life and from the moment Spencer had first met Ryan, had seen him sitting on a wall, hunched up on himself, Spencer had assigned himself as Ryan’s protector. Even then, at an early age, his instincts made him want to protect Ryan; against the world, against Ryan’s father and against Ryan himself.

Ryan wasn’t and never would be easy to get on with, but once he gave his friendship, love and his loyalty it was one hundred and ten percent. That usually took a while though. Ryan had been hurt too often for that trust to come easily. Spencer knew that, although some people might consider themselves Ryan’s friends, for Ryan they were acquaintances until they had proven themselves otherwise. Ryan always kept part of himself hidden away, only really allowing himself to be completely open with Spencer. Even now, after living with Spencer’s family for nearly fifteen years Ryan still found it hard to relax sometimes, to let himself be just Ryan and not the persona that he’d created for himself; the mask that protected him as much as Spencer’s presence did, even though Ryan was the older of the two of them.

When Ryan came home it normally took a day or two before he could totally let himself go and that was why Spencer had been surprised that Ryan could relax so easily with Brendon. It wasn’t just sex either; it was more than that. Oh, Spencer knew Brendon and Ryan had had their problems, some more recent than others. They'd come close to imploding at one point but they seemed a lot happier now. They'd just needed to change their priorities a little.

Spencer is pulled out of his reverie by the cab driver who tells him they’ve arrived. Spencer shakes his head, pays the fare and gets out. He heads into the hotel where he knows Ryan will be waiting impatiently for him. He’s really ready for that massage.

Part 3

Date: 2011-12-11 04:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kat-lair.livejournal.com
My favourite part: The way Spencer focuses on Tom during the demonstration, involves him in the decision-making and takes care of him afterwards.

...also, didn't think of it that way at the time, but it's totally Ryan here who ends providing Spencer's after care. Awwwwww.

Date: 2011-12-12 12:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] weekendgothgirl.livejournal.com
Awww this is awesome! I loved the pink leather harness and how caring Spencer was of Tom, especially after. It's actually quite hard to find fics that even show the aftermath of a scene and that's one of the many reasons I love the fics here.

Oh and Spencer and Patrick getting into their music chat made me laugh.

I also loved more of Spencer and Ryan's background. On to part 3!


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